Sowbic Brochure

Welcome to the most spectacular and diverse destinations on earth, where sparkling seas, soaring mountains, wide plains, roaring rivers and green gorges are home to exotic wildlife, vast range of bird species, and amazing cultural diversity that will hook you from the movement you step off the plane

‘’Africa is my mystic,’

It is wild

It is a sweltering inferno

It is a photographer’s paradise

A hunter’s Valhalla

An escapist’s Utopia

…..beryl Markham

West with the night


This is the cradle of mankind,

And the place where you will

Meet friendly people who will

Greet you with open hands……

And African safari is an

Unforgettable travel experience

In touches something deep within us.

A journey is our destinations is

Both intriguing and exciting

Created by the charming balance

Between the wildlife,

Landscape and the people.

At Sowbic Tours, we customize each itinerary to suit the individual’s or group’s wishes. Your timings are only limited by flight schedule and your imagination! We specialize in safari beach holidays, wedding and honeymoons, trekking and adventure, excursions, and organizing meetings and incentives.


With the development of our unique programs

We enable the clients to comfortably visit this highlights in a short period.

This is our means to enable our clients to experience firsthand local life in an intimate way.

You may be planning a journey, a trip to an exotic place, an anniversary or a rejuvenating incentive for your team.

We’ll make it memorable for you.

The time is now, East Africa is calling!

Unwind in the best spots and experience the magnificent highlights of Eastern Africa.

Have you dreamed of visiting a perfect destination, the wonderful place where people’s warmth and natural beauty is breathtaking?