Safety Concerns

Kenya Tourist And Security Information & Helpline
Your Security and Safety in Kenya:

We wish to ensure that you enjoy your stay in Kenya and any other tourist destination within and outside  East Africa without any undue concerns about safety and security in the country.

The tourism industry in Kenya takes visitor safety very seriously together with all aspects of the tourist’s stay in Kenya. For this reason, the industry created a Safety and Communication Centre under the auspices of the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), which is operated 24hrs a day to monitor visitor safety and to liaise closely with the security agencies in Kenya to ensure that visitors safety is a high priority. 

The Kenya Tourism Federation Safety and Communication Centre is manned by well-trained staff who are at hand to attend to any issues of concern to tourists. These include tourist security, health, road conditions, travel advisories etc. Sowbic Tours &  Safaris receives regular updates from the Kenya Tourism Federation on issues that are of importance for the security of our customers and we keep in close contact with the KTF Safety & Communications Centre for Kenya security and tourist information.

Global Terrorist Threats:

We always stick to whatever Travel Advice is issued by the UK, USA and other countries from where our visitors come. 

governments provide assistance with security equipment and specialist advice to Kenya, especially in keeping the airports safe and monitoring the borders. The British government has a long-standing military agreement with Kenya and carries out continual training and monitoring exercises.

As we live in Kenya and go about our normal daily lives in Nairobi we are well placed to ensure the safety of all our customers. We have been operating here for many years and have looked after thousands of visitors every year whose safety is our absolute priority. We have taken steps to see that our customers are not at risk and these actions include the following:

  • We keep abreast of the tourist security situation on a 24 hour basis and monitor the advice of the foreign embassies based in Kenya to ensure we comply with their Travel.
  • We meet our guests on arrival at the international airport and transfer them to Nairobi hotels which are in safe locations.
  • We recommend that guests do not wander off on their own in Nairobi or go into the back streets on foot but allow us to transport them so that they do not inadvertently head into an area which we would not consider to be entirely safe. Just as in parts of Europe or North America, there may be areas of a city that are not considered ideal for visitors, and we know which places to avoid in Nairobi.
  • We can meet our arriving guests at the airport when they fly in and we are ready to take care of our guests from the time of arrival until their final departure.
  • Through our industry associations and the Kenya Tourism Federation which represents the private sector, we have participated in meetings with senior government officials from the Office of the President and the Security Services as well as the embassies of countries like the USA, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia etc to discuss ways of minimizing risks for visitors and methods of counteracting the threat of terrorism.

Kenyans are well known for being very friendly and welcoming and our visitors often remark to us that they felt extremely safe and well looked after while they were here. Visitors will find it easy to communicate with Kenyans as English is the official language of Kenya (with Swahili as the national language) and lessons in the schools are in English.

For the reassurance of clients who may be anxious about staying in Nairobi we use hotels in safe locations, well away from the areas which have been recommended to be avoided

 On safari, the Porini Camps and all the other safari camps and lodges which we use in Kenya are in areas considered safe for tourist visitors and have never been the targets of any terrorist acts.

All Kenyan security and tourist information, facilities and services in Kenya in the areas where we operate are functioning as usual without any disruption to our clients’ itineraries and with all the international airlines operating into Kenya it is business as usual throughout the country with literally hundreds of thousands of international visitors coming here every year without experiencing any adverse incident. We continue to receive excellent feedback from all our customers about their experience in Kenya and have no hesitation in encouraging visitors to continue visiting this beautiful country with its wonderful landscapes, magnificent wildlife, tropical beaches and friendly hospitable people.

We are delighted to continue welcoming visitors to Kenya and taking care of all our guests while they are here. Contact Sowbic Tours & Safaris for Kenya security and tourist information.

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